Plan and Prepare

I will thoroughly discuss your objectives and work to determine a fair asking price by reviewing and analyzing your financials while giving important consideration to many other factors concerning your business. It is also imperative to meet with your accountant to organize your records and discuss post-closing tax issues.

Market the Business

I will work with you to formulate a personalized marketing plan, including defining the marketing strategy and establishing timelines.  The marketing plan will be customized to fit your business’ particular circumstance and protect confidentiality.  This plan will enable you to continue to run your business while I market it in a way that minimizes exposure to customers, employees, and competitors.

Qualify the Buyer

Screening potential buyers is one of the most important benefits I can provide to you. Keep in mind that roughly 90 percent of those who respond to business-for-sale ads are either not serious buyers or are not financially qualified. By screening prospects, I can contribute to confidentiality by limiting the exposure of the business to the most promising buyers instead of to the merely curious time-wasters. After screening prospective buyers and assessing the degree of interest and financial qualification, I will also require prospects to sign a strictly-worded confidentiality agreement.

Offer and Acceptance

I will work to obtain offers from Buyers, facilitate negotiations, prepare the purchase agreement and respond to information requests during the due diligence process. Once all contingencies are removed by both Buyer and Seller, I will have the closing documents drafted by the escrow company.